Paisley's...our story.

     My name is Tracey, and I am the owner of Paisleys, The Wee British Shoppe.
I was born in Paisley, a small town in Scotland, just minutes from Glasgow.
I moved to Canada with my parents when I was young, but have very fond memories of my life back in Scotland.

I think back to walking through Paisley, hand in hand with my Papa, enjoying a famous 99 or a bag of pickled onion crisps. I remember double decker bus rides, trips to the local baker and splashing through puddles in my school uniform with my new Wellies.

    I have always wanted to preserve those memories and share them with others from "across the pond'. When an opportunity arose to open a small store that would carry some of those familiar sweets and treats and comforting foods I longed for, I jumped at the chance. It just made sense, and Paisley's, The Wee British Shoppe was born.

    We have been operating our store at 65 King St. West in Bowmanville, about a 45 minute drive east of Toronto, for over 13 years. The store is well supported by our local community and we also have great interest from people outside our market through word of mouth, social media and customers who re-located to another area.

As a result of this out of town interest we have added an on line store.
We are now providing those well loved favourite foods on line as well as Guinness apparel and barware. We also carry Coronation Street apparel.

    We will be growing our product lines on a regular basis and adding new categories as well. We thank you for stopping by and visiting Paisleys, The Wee British Shoppe.